Ignite 10 Days in your City!

We’re a movement that is growing at the speed of friendship.  As such, we believe the best way to share the vision for 10 Days is face-to-face!  Since 2012, we've visited over 100 cities and several nations with the express purpose of making friends and sharing vision.  Often, there’s an incredible story of God’s providence connected to the launching of 10 Days in a new city.  If you’d like to invite us for a visit (or invite yourself out to visit us), email us at 10daysinfo@gmail.com.


Here’s how this might look: There’s several ways that we can connect in your area—here’s a few ideas!


Road-trip! Throughout the year, we’re on the road, meeting with people one-on-one or in small groups who are interested in bringing 10 Days to their city.  Let us know if you’d like a visit.

Pastor’s Gatherings: Bringing a group of pastors together, perhaps around a meal, to hear the vision for 10 Days together has proven to be one of the best ways to build consensus in a region.

10 Days National Summit: The 10 Days National Summit is the best opportunity to fellowship with coordinators from other cities, experience what it’s like to do 10 Days, and receive teaching that builds a framework around the vision.  This past year’s Summit (May 23-26 2017) was an incredible, life-changing moment for many.  We hope you can make it for future Summits which are usually timed to coincide with the 10 Days from Ascension Day to Pentecost Sunday (Spring 10 Days).

10 Days “Mini-Summits”: After we did the first Summit in 2016, we said, “we’ve got to get more people in on this experience.”  Thus was born the idea of the “mini-summit”.  Host a day, an evening, or a teaching weekend to share the purpose, vision, and story of 10 Days.  The better people understand the vision, the more willing they are to “enter in” to the vision of setting apart 10 Days to seeking God.

Email us at 10daysinfo@gmail.com to explore these or other possibilities.
Become a 10 Days coordinator!

In each city or region, 10 Days is led by a coordinator/catalyst and their team.

Each 10 Day gathering is entirely led and organized locally. Our team helps by providing resources, encouragement, and connection to the broader movement.  Contact us if you want to explore launching 10 Days in your area at 10daysinfo@gmail.com.