Overflow of Love from the '10 Days'

As you watch this final update from the 10 Days of Prayer, allow your heart to hope again for the sweeping revival that we know is in God's heart to bring to our region.

Frank Mwebesa of Intercity Prayer Alters shares concerning the 10 Days of Prayer, "I could see the prayer of Jesus Christ in John 17 being fulfilled."

Kelly Steinhaus of UniteBoston reports, "It's beautiful and I'm excited to see as this begins to grow....what if not just dozens, but hundreds of people take these ten days and these bonds of love begin to bind us together as the body? What can God do when that happens?"

Jonathan Friz, the initiator of 10 Days of Prayer, conveys "I experienced personally an identification of my heart with the heart of Jesus in this longing for the body to be transformed..."

Lord, we ask your Holy Spirit to sweep the cynicism out of the corners of our minds, so we can see with child- like eyes the fresh move of your Spirit rippling through your people. Cause us to be "those who hope in the Lord." Renew our strength and make us soar like eagles."

-Brandt Gillespie, President PrayTV