10 Days Stories from Around the Nation

Dear Friends,

Over the last weeks, we have received reports on 10 Days from around the nation.  I’ll do my best to strike a balance between summary and specific testimonies from the 20 or so participating regions. 

We've featured three very different regions for more complete reports and included snapshots and links from a few of the other regions. 

New Hampshire: Catalyzing Unity and Reconciliation 

10 Days is designed to be a catalytic season leading to spiritual renewal and deeper unity among believers in cities, towns, and regions.  It functions best when it’s adopted by existing city or state-wide movements.  The New Hampshire Alliance, a state-wide network for renewal in New Hampshire, has adopted 10 Days as part of their overall strategy and is challenging specific cities and regions of NH to enter into 10 Days together.

Four different areas in the state hosted their own 10 Day gatherings.  I was in Manchester, NH’s largest city, on October 3 and got to experience God’s powerful presence first-hand. During the evening of prayer and sharing, I was struck by how many people in the room had been deeply impacted personally during 10 Days.  The sense of hope and expectation in the room was unmistakable.  I’m not usually given to crying, but I was in tears at the privilege of being able to witness that night!

Dick Kiernan, coordinator for the NH Alliance and an evangelical Catholic, highlighted how God had been using 10 Days to tear down existing walls between pastors, generations, and ethnic groups. A major theme this year was repentance between Catholics and evangelicals, with the culminating night of worship being hosted at a Catholic church.  Some evangelicals are very suspicious of Catholics—and vice versa.  The bottom line for us is this—when we see Jesus living and active in another person, they’re a brother or a sister whatever their church affiliation.  If we keep Jesus at the center and keep moving towards Him, we’re going to stay right on track!

As an immediate outcome of 10 Days, 95 ministry leaders from around Manchester are coming to a ministry leader’s breakfast.  As Dick shared, this type of gathering wasn't thought possible a few years ago!  Being with Jesus together for 10 Days can help catalyze love and partnerships for the other 355 days of the year.

Passionate worship as believers fill the isles of a Ste. Marie Catholic church in Manchester, NH.

Forgiveness in Littleton, NH

While prayer and worship are at the center of 10 Days, acts of reconciliation from the church to the community are also a key component. Pastor Mac Starring provided a powerful illustration of this through the forgiveness of a man who had robbed their church during the 10 Days.

Another answered prayer: [I] had to go to the parole hearing of a young man who robbed us in 2011 of our cash offering and went on a burglary spree…  Our group prayed earnestly that we would [be able to speak at the hearing] and that we would also have an impact on the members of the Parole Board.  We WERE asked to speak with him… We told him that we forgave him and that our doors were open to him should he return to Littleton…  The Parole Board told him: “You are a very fortunate young man: this never happens in here.”—Mac Starring, Pastor, Littleton NH

--Compiled from personal experience and reports from Dick Kiernan and Mac Starring

Houlton, Maine: A Thaw in the North-Country

Pastor Randall Burns has been serving the Lord in Houlton, Maine for 23 years in what many would consider a challenging spiritual environment. Houlton is a city of 5,900 people and is the population center and county seat for Aroostook County in Northern Maine.  I met Randall this spring at a gathering where we heard about his efforts in Houlton to bring churches together to serve the community. 

10 Houlton Churches participated in 10 Days.  Even a year ago, several of those churches weren’t interested in partnership. Suddenly, they were asking to be involved in praying together!  This was a miracle and the fact that it happened so quickly was stunning to the locals who had been praying for this for years!  Even though Houlton is a relatively small town, there were 85-150 people at the gatherings each night. 

Taking communion together each night was a powerful experience for the city-wide church, as was praying together in small groups.  When people pray and take communion together, it knits hearts together and breaks down walls of suspicion. 

After 10 Days, the question on everyone’s lips was “how are we going to continue this new sense of spiritual unity?”  Pastors who were previously withdrawn from one another are excited to build the Kingdom together. They are also experiencing personal renewal.  As one pastor shared, “I feel like I’m going through my own personal revival—I’m so excited about what God’s doing in me.”  

Randall summed it up this way, “We’re all filled with joy!  We’re feeling like those old strongholds are quivering and we have a whole new hope for this part of the North.” 

Once again, there’s an ongoing sense of prayer and partnership that’s coming out of 10 days.  All the churches are going to meet together on January 2nd to dedicate the New Year to the Lord—together!

--Compiled from a report by Pastor Randall Burns

Connecticut: State of Worship 

Connecticut has taken the unique strategy of engaging in 10 Days as a state.  Like New Hampshire, it’s a state-wide network (Impact CT) that has adopted 10 Days.  

Most nights had two gatherings in different parts of the state with multiple host-churches (up to 10 groups) hosting together each night.  All-in-all, there were 20 gatherings.  Afterwards, people were saying things like “we haven’t seen anything like this before” and “we never thought we’d see this [kind of gathering] in our church”.  The closing litany was a powerful part of their worship together.

A gathering in Fairfield County, CT had around 200 people present with 10 churches hosting together.  People came away from the gathering enthusiastic and filled with hope. 

10 Days ended with the CT Night of Worship. 2,000 people attended this culminating event that included 100 worship leaders from around the state.  There was a buzz of excitement in the room as the body of Christ came together.  Worshiping together was awesome and the sweet fellowship was really a highlight.  Pastors were encouraged to invite people to come to the final night at each gathering which was a good way to get the word out and also a good way to put an exclamation mark on the whole 10 Days for CT!

—Compiled from reports by Pam Zinn and Gregg Healey

United Night of Worship (UNOW) in CT is the culmination of 10 Days.  This fall 4 of the 10 Day gatherings culminated in Nights of Worship.

10 Days Snapshots:

Hollywood, California—Powerful Prayer in the Entertainment Capitol

10 Days Los Angeles merged with a national gathering of prayer leaders, “The Summons Hollywood”.

“Our night of prayer with 190 National Day of Prayer Leaders was AWESOME.  They shook the foundation of this city and I have NEVER experienced such powerful, heart-felt, passionate, insightful, life changing prayer ever in my life.  PRAISE GOD for the time we had together.”—Karen Covell, Hollywood Prayer Network

Boston, Massachusetts—Casting a Wider Net

“With Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, and Taize services, the denominations of host churches for this year’s 10 Days Boston evening gatherings was more diverse than ever before. There were 19 different churches present the first night in Cambridge! Additionally, the Indian gathering brought together five different Indian people groups for the first time!”—Kelly Steinhaus, Unite Boston
Read the full report at Unite Boston

18 churches co-hosted a powerful opening night in Cambridge. They had trouble getting all the pastors in one photo. I joked with Bishop Greene who convened the gathering that he needs to stop inviting so many people.

Eugene, Oregon—A Personal Testimony of Transformation

Some of the most powerful work in 10 Days is the personal work that God does in people’s hearts.  Rather than summarize what happened in Eugene, I wanted to let this precious testimony speak for itself…

“I have see God at work in amazing ways during and since our prayer time. It's hard to know what the long term effects will be, but I have felt a new freedom and a renewal in Christ in my own life. I think He was showing me because of trials I had pushed Him away, or grown cold. I had to pray to let him "back in." Not that I had lost my salvation, but the relationship was severed, somehow, and I had lost the ability to hear Him. “

“I feel this healing was from the prayers we had over each other, as well as the communion table we had each night. I feel a lot of strongholds were broken over our lives, our families and our city, state and country.  I am so glad to have participated.”

--Karen Glenn, Eugene, OR

Amherst, Massachusetts—Hearing our Pastor’s Pray

“It was a blessing to be at Vita Nova Church in South Amherst. I hadn't been to the church since 10 Days last year and a lot had changed since then. Their former pastor had stepped down suddenly and renounced the faith. Needless to say, it has been a tough year for the church.”

“One of my favorite things about that night was that their new pastor, Joe, was passionately leading the prayer time. It wasn't a prayer group or lay person, but the pastor. How often do we get to see into our pastor’s prayer lives? What a gift it is when we see them crying out to God in humility and need for Him.”

Read more stories from Amherst here.
-Jaime Dicke 10 Days-Amherst Coordinator

Worcester, Massachusetts—Sensing the beginnings of revival

Worcester’s first year was a time of healing and restoration.  There is a sense in the city that a “quiet revival” is underway.  Most of the 10 evenings were hosted by multiple churches, leading to new and growing relationships.  God had surprises each evening, including one evening where a number of young people repented and prayed prayers of faith in Jesus.  The United Night of Worship on October 4 was a powerful conclusion to 10 Days.

--Compiled from testimonies by Len Cowan, KNOW Worcester

UNOW Worcester was the culmination of 10 Days in Worcester.

Chico, California—Unity brings Joy!

Gaylord Enns, a long-time father of the Chico church, shared about the overflowing joy that people experienced at a gathering hosted by a church with several co-hosts. There’s an incredible joy released when we come together with Jesus at the center.  While repentance and “mourning” are major themes of 10 Days, it should be remembered that our “going low” leads to God “lifting us up”.  Joy is the destination!

--From Testimony by Gaylord Enns

Refreshing Rain, Mighty Deluge

Several years ago, I traveled up and down the west-coast, sharing vision for 10 Days.  My trip ended in a town called "Concord." Since Concord is a synonym for "unity", it seemed like the perfect last stop on a trip promoting 10 Days.  

It was a powerful conclusion to the trip, hosted in the back room of a Denny's restaurant of all places.  I'm not sure I've ever shared the 10 Days vision with more conviction or passion and the fellowship among about 50 of us, most of whom had never met before was sweet.  After communion, a pastor's wife began to pray and speak prophetically about the future of 10 Days.  She said that at first, the 10 Days movement was going to bring this gentle, refreshing rain, but that as it continued over time, the gentle rain would become a downpour so intense that "it would be as though you are standing under a waterfall."  

I've held that word close to my heart since that night.  Right now, it's clear from the testimonies that  this movement is in the "gentle, refreshing rain" season.  Praise the Lord for that!  However, it's exciting to think that the times of "downpour and deluge" are ahead of us.  I've been longing to experience what she described for years, not simply because I want to experience it, but because the Church needs that kind of outpouring of the Holy Spirit to be who we are called to be. 

Thanks to all who said "yes" to 10 Days this year. May the praise and presence of the Lord continue to increase.

Come Lord Jesus,

Jonathan Friz