Travel Reports: 10 Days Vision Spreads Around the U.S.

Dear Friends,
My friend Gregg Healey and I (Jonathan) just returned from an amazing trip where:

  • We got to meet with city-wide prayer leaders in NYC.
  • We attended the National Prayer Assembly in Washington DC to pray for America before the election and meet with prayer leaders from around the nation
  • We continued south and connected with leaders in Charlottesville, VA and Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, and Greenville, NC about the 10 Days vision
  • We saw signs of God’s presence and provision throughout the entire trip
  • We made lots of amazing friends

However, as recently as October 15th this trip was not supposed to happen. Turns out God had different plans.

Listening to God Changes Things

On October 15th I sat next to a pond near my house to take-in the beautiful fall colors of Western Massachusetts and converse with my Heavenly Father.  As we talked, I heard Him affirming that He was calling me to get “out on the road” this fall to share about 10 Days. He also turned some of my other plans on their head.
The last week of October, I had a full plate with a major N.E. wide meeting on Oct. 29th and a 2-day outreach in Salem, Massachusetts Oct. 30-31.  That morning, I sensed the Lord saying to change my plans for that week.  Instead of Salem, I was to go to a prayer conference in DC and continue on further south to share about 10 Days.  I also felt like I needed to call my friend, Gregg Healey.
Hearing from God can be funny and sometimes we miss it. I always ask for confirmations from the Lord before making major decisions like this. Within 30 minutes, God had given 3 major confirmations, two through my friend Gregg.  We decided to travel together and almost right away some friends helped us find free housing in DC.  Within a week, I was making a number of contacts with people in North Carolina about 10 Days.
North Carolina?
“North Carolina, God, why am I connecting with all these people in North Carolina?”
Honestly, I knew nothing about North Carolina and had expected to have maybe one meeting there.  But then God kept opening more and more doors in that one state and closing doors in other states.  As it turns out, there was a surprising answer to my question.
Michael Thornton from Wilmington, NC is an associate pastor and revivalist, preaching and praying throughout the state.  When talking with Michael on the phone, I immediately sensed God’s presence and joy.  However, my jaw fell open when he shared how God had recently spoken to him...about Massachusetts:  “I am about to bring together revival movements from Massachusetts and North Carolina, and when they meet there is going to be a leaping of joy up and down the east coast.” There was more to the word, but you get the idea--we had been set-up!  Somehow in God's economy, this was the perfect time for revival movements from Massachusetts and North Carolina to connect.
In fact, on October 17-18, Michael had declared this word publicly at a major conference.  He and others had already connected with my friend and fellow-laborer Zenzo Matoga (UNOW).  Just two weekends later, we were meeting in Wilmington with a powerful release of joy! Clearly, God’s timing for this trip was perfect, and we sensed that joy as we traveled and began to share.  Truly, our God is amazing!

Continuing on: Road Trip to the Midwest and Northeast Nov. 12-23
Today, I am leaving for another trip in the Northeast and Midwestern states with my friend/navigator Aaron Blodgett and two of my children, Eva and Josie.  We’ll have stops in Buffalo, Meadville PA, Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Des Moines, Chicago, Farmington MO, Nashville, and Pittsburgh.  The purpose of the trip is simple: To make friends and share vision for more cities to join in 10 Days this fall from Sept. 13-23, and to do whatever unexpected things the Father might have on His heart!
Please keep this journey in your prayers.  If you’re living in those cities, we’d love to see you as our schedule permits.

Jonathan Friz

Gregg and famous 19th century businessman and revivalist Jeremiah Lanphier pose for a picture on a bench in NYC. Jeremiah's famous "noon-hour" prayer meetings filled a 100 churches and business halls in NYC in 1857.