Travel Report: Across the Fruited Plains

We made a spontaneous decision to visit Niagara Falls before our morning meetings in Buffalo.  We only had 5 minutes at the falls, but it was worth it!

Dear Friends,

It’s a big country. 
Somehow, from November 12-23, we managed to cover 4,000 miles of it.  Our traveling team consisted of friend Aaron Blodgett and my daughters Eva and Josie, ages 5 and 3, packed into my small but sturdy VW Jetta.  The purpose of the trip was to share vision for 10 Days in new cities and to build relationships with brothers and sisters across our great nation.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Over 11 Days, we visited with people in 10 different cities in the Northeast and Midwest
  • We visited Al and Deb Warner in Buffalo, NY the day it started snowing…a week later parts of Buffalo had 5 feet of snow.  I guess it never stopped!
  • We connected with Jeff Riddering (Gateway HOP) in St. Louis and heard amazing stories of night and day prayer on-site at the Ferguson Protests.
  • Des Moines was a great day meeting with Al Perez and Michael Meggison.  Later that day we shared at the Iowa Statehouse, joining many locals in speaking “Hope” over the fruited plains.
  • We attended the “Three-Streams, One Dream” Conference in Chicago convened by Phil Migliorotti and the International Revival Institute.
  • Our drive home was a whirlwind, meeting with pastors in Farmington, MO, prayer leaders in Nashville, TN, and spending an amazing night in Pittsburgh with YWAM Pittsburgh and the Burning Bush House of Prayer.
  • You can get a speeding ticket in the mail?  Who knew?  Just another indication that we need revival in America!

What we saw: I’m excited by the expanding and maturing movement emphasizing prayer and John 17 unity across that nation.  As my travel partner, Aaron, remarked many times throughout the journey, “people all over the nation are doing what we’re doing back home!”  There’s an incredible encouragement that comes when people involved in these movements in different places meet one another and share hearts.
10 Days is a strategy to serve and advance these city-wide church movements.  After carrying and sharing this vision for years, it’s rewarding to see people understanding how 10 Days could be a “God thing” to bless, unite, and revive their city!
Finally, while travelling with my two little girls presented challenges, it was an amazing shared experience and has become a cherished memory for them and for me.  I couldn’t believe how well they behaved over so many miles.
Praise God for His faithfulness in the journey.  It’s exciting to be part of the dreams of His heart coming true in our days!
Jonathan Friz

Photo of Pittsburgh taken from the front door of Burning Bush House of Prayer.  Their amazing building was formerly a Franciscan monastery built on a steep hill overlooking the city.