Stop and Saturate

We’re starting to gear-up for 10 Days this year (Sept 13-23).  It’s been amazing since 2011 to see 10 Days spread from one city to 20 cities in 2014.  Our vision is to see an annual movement advance steadily year by year in both depth and breadth.  We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what God desires to do as we seek Him together!
The growth is cool to see but what really thrills my heart isn’t growth—it’s fulfillment.  I’m excited that something God spoke 10 years ago is happening, even if it’s taken longer than I originally (and naively) expected.  I’m excited about this growth because it’s a tangible manifestation of the faithfulness of God.  It fills my heart with hope that things He’s spoken but hasn’t yet fulfilled are waiting ahead of us if we’ll just keep walking this road!
Stopped and Saturated

One part of the 10 Days vision that I haven’t seen fulfilled is of a city where life as normal has stopped for 10 Days, a city that’s saturated with the presence and glory of God. Normal rhythms of work, education, and entertainment have come to a halt so that men and women, boys and girls, can seek the face of God.  Can you imagine what that would look like in your city—if the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit became the focus of attention for 10 Days?  How would God respond to a city seeking Him in such an extraordinary way?
I’ve never seen this happen at a city-wide level, but I have seen what happens when a smaller group of people take God up on this invitation.  You can listen to that testimony in this new video below.

I sense there may be some spiritual revolutionaries—some holy experimentalists reading now whose hearts are stirred like mine with the question: “How would you respond, Lord?”  If that’s a question that’s burning on your heart, let’s talk!  We’re called to be each other’s best allies, to run together in this, to team up and figure out how to bring the desires of God’s heart to earth. Send us an email at if you want to connect!
New Strategy: Single Site 10 Days are in the Works
One of the hallmarks of the city-wide 10 Day gatherings has been meeting in 10 different places over the 10 Days.  This strategy has been very effective in helping host churches have a sense of ownership and building trust among believers in a region. There’s nothing quite like worshiping with people in their own setting to help us get God’s heart for those people. The downside of the multi-site approach is that it’s very difficult to travel all over the city to a new place each night.  It tends to limit people’s participation to just a few of the evening gatherings.
This year, there are a number of places where a high degree of trust already exists among local churches.  In these places, city churches are planning to gather and co-host a 10 Days in one place.  That location could be a centrally located church building, a civic center, or even an old-school revival tent. 
There’s no right or wrong answer for how to host 10 Days (multi-site or single-site).  There’s just one simple question: “Father, what are you doing in our city?”  I can’t wait to hear some of the testimonies this year from people trying new ways to seek God for 10 Days.  Lead on, Lord!