Healing the Ancient Wound

Check out this video of 10 Days in Wilmington, North Carolina.


“Why does that man love me?  He doesn’t even know who I am?” 
I had just sat down in a prayer meeting in Ferguson, Missouri. The prayer meeting had started almost a year ago as a response to the Michael Brown shooting and subsequent unrest in Ferguson.  As I looked around the room, I noticed a black man, about my age, looking at me.  And I could see that he loved me. 
A few minutes later we were invited to “meet someone you don’t know”.  This same man, the one who loved me, came up to me immediately, smiling from ear to ear.  Standing, I was impressed by his size, about my height and build. Most people are smaller than me, so I tend to notice when people are my size and larger. 
Name Twins
After saying hello, I told him: “I saw you looking at me earlier, and I could see that you loved me, but we don’t even know each other.”  He was a little taken aback by my unusual conversation starter, but said, “that’s right, I couldn’t stop looking at you.”
“What’s your name,” he asked.
“Jonathan” I replied.
“That’s funny, my name is Jonathan too.” 
“No way—we’re name twins.”  We shared a good laugh!
As it turns out, we were twins in much more than name alone.  As I shared about my work, I said, “Basically, I work to see John 17 in city-wide churches through prayer.” 
“No way—that’s what I do too!” Jonathan replied.
As I found out, Jonathan had been a key part of organizing 21 days of worship and prayer in Ferguson the year before.  They started their 21 days on the Day of Atonement—the same day the 10 Days ended in 2014!
Now the reason for this unusual love that I sensed from a complete stranger was abundantly clear.  In the Spirit, we were not only brothers in the Lord, but had very similar callings and stories of following the Lord.  We were twin “Jonathans” that finally met one another, one with white skin, one with black skin.
There’s another lesson hidden in this story as well.  If we want to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit, we need to learn how to be led by love.  God’s love for us, our love for others, and the love others have for us—these are all reliable guides to discerning “what the Father is doing.” Love is really a useful guide—in fact, “it never fails!”
Uniting North and South, Black and White

Healing the ancient wounds between North and South, between black and white has been a major theme for 10 Days this year, something many coordinators and city leaders have been picking up on. 
Michael Thorton, who’s spearheading “Ignite Wilmington 10 Days 24/7” had a powerful word from the Lord last year that I’ll summarize here:

  • God is bringing together revival movements from the north (specifically Massachusetts) and from the south (specifically North Carolina)
  • When these movements come together there will be a “leaping of joy” up and down the east coast
  • These movements are still “in the womb” and the meeting is compared to the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth in Luke 1

Several weeks after receiving this word, I met Michael on a trip to North Carolina.  I can testify that there was a “leaping of joy” as he shared these amazing words.  Some weeks after my visit, a visiting man of God who knew nothing about him spoke over Michael: “I see God using you to erase the Mason-Dixon line.”  I’m only scratching the surface of this story—it’s literally just been one amazing confirmation from the Lord after another!
I’ve personally bought into these amazing words about the North and the South and am planning to spend half of the 10 Days in Wilmington, North Carolina! Maybe there are other ways some of the New England 10 Days cities can partner with the South this year.  As these revival movements from north and south come together I believe there is going to be increase and joy!
Oh, and by the way, Jonathan Thomas will be down the coast from Wilmington in Charleston, South Carolina, gathering with the church of Charleston in a tent during the same time period.  This gathering has been planned independently of our efforts, but synchronized by the Spirit with the same focus and same heart.
Truly it is amazing to walk with a God like this, who is lovingly connecting and coordinating His saints around the globe for reconciliation, healing of ancient wounds, and revival!

Jonathan Friz