ten days small

God is not impressed with numbers.

3 people.  300 people. 300,000,000 people.  They’re dust on the scales to the God who spins galaxies on his fingertips.  And yet, He’s moved in an enormous way by one prayer, one act of sacrifice, one heart beating in time with His.

God wants to see whole cities, regions, and nations worshipping Him.. His desire for nations doesn’t spring from love for a crowd. It’s out of his attraction to one devoted heart that He longs for 2 or 3 and ultimately millions and billions.

ten days small

We want to see entire cities doing 10 Days together.  Big cities!  Lots of people!  But sometimes a vision like that can actually keep people from doing the “little” thing that is actually huge in the Kingdom. What does 10 Days look like where just a few gather together?  When a dozen gather daily to dream and declare God’s purposes over a rural region? When 3 or 4 gather each morning to pray together and watch the sun rise? 

We want to highlight how God moved in some of these smaller gatherings this year and hopefully inspire more of these “mini but mighty” gatherings in the future. God’s evaluation is not based on numbers: it’s based on hearts responding to Him in faith, which allows His grace to flow!

Great Barrington, MA (The Berkshires): Restoring Foundations

A band of a dozen or so devoted believers met twice daily at Calvary Christian Church in Great Barrington, MA and began to pray big things over the Berkshires.  Mimi Caban Ross, who catalyzed the gathering, shared how they experienced sweet fellowship and powerful times of prayer and worship with young and old.   They felt God inviting them to dream His dreams over the region and write down what they wanted to see God do in their region.  In a spiritual and intellectual atmosphere that is often hostile to the gospel, this group came away from 10 Days filled with faith and declaring, “this land belongs to God”.  When Mimi shared that statement with me after 10 Days, I almost fell over.  It was a declaration tangibly soaked in faith.

Near the end of the gathering, a sign appeared in the heavens...a church floating in mid-air!

One of the old, historic church buildings in Great Barrington was literally hoisted in the air during 10 Days by a crane and then placed on stilts in order to completely replace its foundation.  The group who was praying saw this as a sign.  God was hearing their prayers and was restoring the proper foundations of the church in the Berkshires.

New London, Wisconsin: A Tree by the River

From Paul Franzmeier, New London Wisconsin

24 men from 13 different cities and 11 different Churches gathered at Steve Hansen’s barn to pray on Saturday the 12th of September from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.   We brought into the meeting the theme He was impressing upon us - God being the light and His will that we be His lights in our community...

On Sunday the 13th of September through Wednesday the 23rd of September as few as three and as many as 7 men and women prayed at the Sewall’s fishing shack next to the Embarrass River in New London from 5:00-6:30AM.  We had people praying from age 21 – 72.  We were able to enter in darkness and exit in light every day.  We watched God faithfully raise the sun each morning as we praised and petitioned God on behalf of the city of New London.... It was great to see God make glad the city as we prayed by the river.

The group that met daily later shared a report on their daily prayer time in several area congregations.

Long Island: Meeting God with Hunger

From Teresa McCarthy, Long Island NY

From my point of view, I think we made headway...Last year, I was the only one who did all 10 days. I was deeply impacted though and knew that then that the only way to really grow in this was to do all 10 days. This year I had an unexpected companion...A "father" in the faith joined. The synergy of commitment made for great depth as well as fun. We fasted, prayed in all sorts of different ways, studied healing during the 4-6 slot, had lots of drop-ins to practice on, and most importantly, we met with the Lord with hunger.

We had some remarkable times with the Lord but it was all so personal that it wouldn't make sense to get into the details. I, for one experienced a deeply painful and troubling week relationally yet at the same time, was overpowered by Father's love in the midst of it all…

Charleston, SC: Serving the Least

The tent gathering in Charleston wasn’t as small as some of the other gatherings mentioned here.  There were a number of people devoting considerable time and resources to this gathering.  But, it was certainly focused on the “small”, on serving the least and preaching the good news about Jesus to the poor and homeless.  Here’s a testimony from Tent Charleston organizer Matt Pridgen.  You can read more testimonies here.

“Perhaps the most incredible testimony of all is how the Lord has moved in such a mighty way to provide for the homeless individuals who put their trust in him under the tent. In the past week alone, the Lord has made a way for six homeless individuals to get out of tent city and off the streets. One returned home to family, two went to stay with friends, one is in a hotel, one went to a shelter in Myrtle Beach and one now has enough work to rent a room...I got a call from one of them while I was writing this email who told me that he feels like a million bucks. "I was already at the bottom," he said, "so it's nothing but up from here."

That is eight hurting people who were impacted by the hands and the feet of Jesus reaching out in the streets for just three short weeks. This is not something that I or anyone else coordinated, but it has been (and continues to be) a joint effort of the body of Christ all pitching in, helping one or two here, one or two there.

Can you imagine if the whole church was mobilized for this work?”

Think Small:

God says to us “If you’re faithful in a small thing, you’ll be faithful in a big thing.”  It’s my hope that over the upcoming years, we’ll see more and more small groups of people saying “yes” to 10 Days, laying a foundation of faithfulness for greater things to come.