Bring 10 Days to Your City

Bring 10 Days to Your City

Fellow lovers of God!

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the love and goodness of God over the past several days.  Keep it up, Lord and spread it out on us all!

This fall’s 10 Days is just over three months away, Oct. 2-12, 2016.  About 15 cities that we know of are already gearing up and organizing for this fall and we’re expecting to hear from more in the next weeks.  Let us know if you’re:

  1. Planning to do 10 Days this fall
  2. Planning to sit this year out
  3. Interested in connecting on the phone about it


We’d love to have a personal conversation with you sometime in the next couple of weeks about how to raise the level of prayer in your region.

Here are three key updates for this year:

  1. We’re hosting a conference call this week for 10 Days coordinators and catalysts and anyone interested in being one. After the call, we’ll establish a monthly or bi-montly call for the next several months. Conference Call: Thursday, June 23 at 3pm Eastern/Noon Pacific. Phone Number is 712-432-6333 Passcode 171-145#. 
  2. Let us know if you want to host a Regional Summit! The Denver Summit experience was definitely a revelation for many who attended.  We want to do day-long summits this summer where we gather participants in various regions to go deeper in the vision for 10 Days and include some of the teachers who shared at the Summit. This is a great way to mobilize your city/region for prayer this fall!
  3. We’re in the process of finalizing a simple statement of faith that we’d like coordinators/catalysts to be in agreement on.  Groups like the National Day of Prayer do something very similar as a way of establishing agreement.  We’ll send that around in the next few weeks.


Yesterday, I had a great conversation with my 10 year old son, Gabriel, on our way home from church.  He was pretty worried about our two options in the upcoming presidential election, which led to a conversation where I caught him up on some of the key events of the last 15 years (9/11, the Iraq War, the Syrian Refugee Crisis, etc.), many of which he was unaware.

As our conversation was wrapping up, he had this insight: “It seems like a lot of things are getting darker, but God is also making His things brighter at the same time.”  He continued, “It’s amazing how 10 Days is getting stronger, that’s something God is doing, and if there’s [other prayer movements] growing too, that’s really, really good!”

I thought that was a pretty incredible insight from a 10 year old...”your sons will prophecy” indeed.  And it highlights the need for increased prayer at this time, something so obvious that even a child can see it, or maybe so hidden that we need to become like children to see it.

“We have this hope as an anchor to the soul, firm and secure…”
Much love,
Jonathan Friz