Transformed by God's Presence

One of the most common reports was simply that people left the gatherings encouraged and refreshed by God’s presence.  That may not sound flashy; however, it’s impossible for the Church to do anything without God’s presence.  Encouragement from the Lord is like food that strengthens us from day-to-day.  If we’re discouraged, we’re not effective in any aspect of our Christian life.

This Fall, YWAM Boston was really the heart of the 10 Days, serving by leading much of the daytime prayer and also by doing daily outreaches all throughout the city.  Without a doubt, YWAM Boston was the single biggest encouragement to me personally during this 10 Days.  I’m so grateful for them!  It’s been a joy to hear how 10 Days impacted them personally and as a group.

Aaron Cieply (YWAM Boston) shared the personal transformation he experienced and witnessed in others.  His own heart was transformed as he learned how to be a “Mary”, sitting at Jesus’ feet, rather than constantly trying to serve the Lord as a “Martha”.  He shared the revelation he experienced that “Lovers actually accomplish more than workers” and his experience of sharing then getting to share the gospel out of place of rest and a heart full of God’s love.

Keith Bellevue (10 Days South Shore) shared some of the surprises that God had in store for him. “We went into the 10 Days with the intent that we were going to "tear down strongholds" and "take back our land for the Kingdom!" But, by the second day, it seemed clear that the Lord was more interested in truly knowing [us]..., and in so doing it seems our original intent was accomplished…”

Keith also shared his surprise at the turnout and the transformation that followed: “We expected many people to come to the evening gathering at their own church, we were shocked to also see a core of about twenty to thirty people that came night after night with burning hearts from this time of personal sacrifice.”

 In this group of people, Keith began to witness a steady work of transformation happening day-by-day.  A week in, those who had been showing up night after night were visibly different than when the 10 Days began—God was doing a deep, inner work that was manifest in their faces, their speech, the prayers they prayed, and the way they loved each other.

Satt Scrivner (10 Days North Shore) said that this was the testimony he heard more than any other.  After their times together, believers would share with him how much they enjoyed being in God’s presence together and what an encouragement the time had been to them.

Pastor Lorraine Anderson (International Community Church) reported how encouraged she was both by God’s presence and by seeing such a diverse group (Anglo, Black, Hispanic, Deaf, Burmese, and more) worshipping together.  Pastor Dana Baker (Grace Chapel), Bishop Brian Greene (Pentecostal Tabernacle), and many others shared the encouragement that came during personal prayer ministry, when God would often speak into people’s lives through a complete stranger.

Part of the encouragement that came during this time was simply this: We need to find a way to do this more often—it can’t be limited to a “once a year” event.

In this video Jonathan Friz, Dana Baker, LaTony Brown and Keith Bellevue talk about the unity that God was bringing people into through the 10 Days of Prayer on the South Shore of Boston.