10 Days Across the Country

We’re less than a week away from the start of 10 Days across New England and across the country.  Here’s some important and timely info on 10 Days, as well as some encouragement!

An Exhortation: Seek God with Us!

10 Days is a time for the Body of Christ to come together, but also a time to draw near to God as individuals.  Starting the evening of Sept 4- the evening of Sept 14, we’d encourage you to:

  • Enter into a fast: This could be a Daniel fast, Juice Fast, or a Water Fast.  We encourage you to also fast from entertainment during this time
  • Come and Pray when you can: Make this a season of seeking God for yourself personally, in partnership with believers around the region and the nation


One encouragement this week has been seeing how God is bringing people together in many cities.  Take a look at the “City Schedules” page to get a glimpse of what’s going on around the nation.

On the East Coast, there are regional 10 Day Gatherings in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Boston, Manchester, NH, the Pioneer Valley, the North Shore (Beverly-Salem Area) and Long Island.  10 Days is also happening in 5 cities on the West Coast.  

Return to the Northfield Campus

Some of you will remember that the first 10 Day gatherings in 2007 took place at the Northfield Campus, a place well-known as the burial site of DL Moody and the point of origin for the Student Volunteer Movement.  This year, the current owners (National Christian Foundation) have opened up Northfield again for 10 Days.  The 10 Days in Western, MA will be based at the Northfield Campus.

Kansas City 10 Days!?  Several weeks ago, I was in Kansas City.  As part of the trip, I was sharing vision for 10 Days with several people throughout the city, hopeful that next year, KC might join with us.

Earlier this week, I got an email.  A Kansas City lawyer, who now leads a global orphan ministry, had been having some amazing experiences with God.   The bottom line: He was calling for a special season of prayer from Sept. 4-14, with special gatherings on Sept. 5 and Sept 14.  I was able to talk with him earlier in the week and he had absolutely no knowledge of what was happening in other places during those same dates.

I’m not sure what all this means, but I think God’s up to something!