10 Days Update: Persevering Faith

In the midst of what many of us are experiencing as a difficult season, there’s an incredible hope stirring.  

One of the major perks of my “job” is getting to talk with church leaders all over the nation about what they see happening and what they are hearing from the Lord.  Many right now feel a sense of anguish and desperation over the state of the country, their families, and the church. Some are also in the midst of demanding personal circumstances. Others are in seasons of transition accompanied by an acute sense that unless God gives them more grace day-by-day, they won’t be able to keep going.

There’s agitation, consternation, desperation, and in the midst of all of this, a determined seed of faith that just won’t go away.

Recently, while reading Os Guiness’ new book, Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times, I was touched by his treatment of how “Surprising Reversals” are one of the most prominent dynamics of the Kingdom of God.  Just when things seem to be darkest, when the promises of God seem least likely, that’s when God steps in, bringing deliverance for His people and delivering on His promises.

Going through seasons like this is never easy, but there is a strategic purpose for these pressures, summarized neatly in the book of James: “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Being under pressure, whether from within or without, causes us to need God in a visceral, tangible way. It brings forth a cry from deep within us, like the cry from the Israelites that led to the Exodus (Ex 2:23)

10 Days: A Conduit for Holy Desire

10 Days is designed to be a practical channel and conduit for that sense of longing, of desperation, of needing more of God.  A satisfied person asks “why should we pray and fast for 10 Days?  We’re doing just fine.” On the other hand, when we are filled with a holy dissatisfaction and understand that what we really, deeply need can only be provided by God, 10 Days of seeking God's face becomes a natural response.

External circumstances may be one form of pressure that God uses to drive us deeper into faith, but the positive, inner moving of the Holy Spirit is even more powerful.

God may get our attention through a crisis around us, but let’s go deeper and learn to be driven by Scripture and the promises of God.  We’re not just asking God to bring America back to whatever you imagine as the “golden era”; we’re praying “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.  We’re asking for the coming of a Kingdom, the likes of which this world has never known.  Let’s not water down our goals or the hope that we have in the gospel.  Come Lord Jesus!

10 Days Progress:

Currently, there are 15 city-wide style 10 Days gatherings being planned, mostly on the west-coast and the Northeast.  In addition, about another 15 cities are considering taking the plunge.  Isn’t it interesting that 10 Days is gaining momentum in the parts of the country considered to be the “least churched”?  Here are some encouraging developments over the last weeks:

Connecticut’s state-wide 10 Days quickly outgrew 10 locations—they’re now planning to have two-gatherings in different parts of the state each night, except for the final evening.

Four major regions in New England will be ending their 10 Day gatherings with “United Nights of Worship” on October 4th.  Check out the UNOW website to learn more about this partner movement.

I’m incredibly encouraged the there will be several 10 Days gatherings in the great state of Maine this year!  

New Relationships: Whether groups decide to do 10 Days or not, we’re connecting with like-minded groups and individuals in cities all over the nation.  These Kingdom relationships are something that will bear fruit over time and that are incredibly encouraging, like discovering a “long-lost” friend in cities all over America

Practical Repentance: Trusting God with Money

One of the major themes of 10 Days is repentance from sin and idolatry.  Often, these idols are so much a part of our lives that we don’t even recognize them as such.

One of the great idols of Jesus’ day, and of ours, is “Mammon”.  In this series of videos, former Wall-Street investor Gregg Healey and 10 Days Ntl. Coordinator Jonathan Friz discuss the hold that money can have on us and how to move from an economy based on “fear and greed” to one based on “faith in God."

God's Economy p1: Discovering God's Way of Business

Watch the Video

Pardon me, Do you Google?

Could you help our website,, move up in the Google search results?  Search for “10 Days of Prayer” or “10 Days” and click a page or so over until you see  You’ll also notice some similar sites from groups doing 10 Day gatherings at other times of the year.  This will make it easier for people to find our site!  

May the Lord continue to bless and encourage your faith in the upcoming weeks!

Jonathan Friz
10 Days National Coordinator