Divine Convergence - Fall 2014 update

Dear Friends,

God has a way of arriving places before we get there...

This January, I travelled all-over the west-coast with a simple goal: make friends and invite city-wide churches to gather from September 24-October 4 in 10 Days of fasting, worship, and repentance.

Divine Convergence:
Along the way, I started to hear about “The Call Berkeley," a Solemn Assembly of repentance for rebellion, uniting the hearts of the father’s with the children, also scheduled for October 4th. It seemed the Holy Spirit had gone before us and coordinated our schedules!

When I shared about 10 Days in Portland, Oregon, I discovered another unexpected convergence.  In Portland, there’s a movement called “Seven”. Like 10 Days, they have evening gatherings hosted throughout the metro region by different congregations. The biggest difference is in the name—"seven days" as opposed to "10 Days."

The timing? You guessed it: “Seven” was ending on Saturday, October 4.  Sounds to me like the Holy Spirit is trying to get people praying this fall, leading up to October 4!

What Does it Mean?

When we see convergences like this, they serve as external signs and confirmations that God is at work. They also serve to punctuate and emphasize the importance of the call and the timing. They are divine encouragements. The things that we’re asking God for are immense: unprecedented unity in the Church, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a sweeping move of God in America, and the coming of God’s Kingdom, “on earth as it is in Heaven”. Signs like this encourage us to keep taking the next step. They fill us with fresh hope.

These signs also lead us to new partnerships.

40 Days of Hope: August 26-October 4

Tied into the vision for “The Call” Berkeley is the “40 Days of Hope” (August 26-October 4), 40 days of prayer and fasting leading up to October 4.

Last Monday, in prayer I sensed the Lord saying to be ready for “unexpected blessings and opportunities.” That afternoon, an intercessor from California called, sharing her sense that 10 Days needed to tie in with the “40 Days of Hope”. After talking with Michael Griffiths, who is coordinating the 40 Days, we agreed that it was a God thing to partner at some level. We’re still trying to figure out what that looks like overall, however, here are a couple of first steps.

1. Please consider joining in a nation-wide, 40 Day fast from August 26-October 4, building into 10 Days and culminating on October 4.

2. Check out and please use the event calendar there to post prayer events in your city during the 40 days.


Jonathan Friz
10 Days National Coordinator

Update video on 10 Days in Connecticut and Boston, MA:

10 Days of Prayer, 2014 Fall Update

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