10 Days partners with 40 Days of Hope

Dear Friends,

This Friday, our family welcomed a new baby boy, Phineas Mark. Phineas is our 6th child and we now have 3 daughters and 3 sons to even things out.  As any parent knows, the first weeks after birth are all about survival so our family and our 10 Days team is feeling a bit stretched. It’s so good to remember that God isn’t afraid of our weaknesses, in fact He works through them! Here’s a quick update on what’s happening from sea to shining sea:

  • 10 Days is less than a month away!  Currently, there are 20 or more 10 Day gatherings being organized on both coasts.  18 of these are “city-wide” type gatherings.
  • How would God feel if He were the focus of a city’s attention for 10 straight days?  Check out this video!
  • Yesterday marked the beginning of the 40 Days of Hope.  We’re inviting you to join in this united season of fasting and prayer. Please read the message below from Michael Griffiths about the impact of Bill Bright and past seasons of prayer and fasting below. 

Jonathan Friz

Fast Forward for Forty Days

1 Kings 19:7
God has never spoken to me audibly, and I am not given to prophecy.  But that morning His message to me was clear.  ‘America and much of the world will, before the end of the year 2000, experience a great spiritual awakening!  And this revival will spark the greatest spiritual harvest in the history of the Church.’

I sensed the Holy Spirit was telling me that millions of believers must seek God with all their hearts in fasting and prayer before He will intervene to save America.  I was impressed by the Spirit to pray that two million believers will humble themselves by seeking God in forty-day fasts.  Dr. Bill Bright

The forty days culminating with the Day of Atonement is historically significant to the Jewish people.  God has a calendar and He acts by His own calendar not necessarily the Roman calendar.  Beginning August 26th, we are calling forty days of fasting leading up to TheCall Berkeley, October 4th, the Day of Atonement.

This was the word of the Lord to Dr. Bill Bright during a forty day fast in 1994.  I believe his vision was one of the clearest church-wide trumpet sounds in American church history.  I remember speaking to an early YWAM leader, Floyd McClung, at a Prayer Storm event, where hundreds of youth gathered to fast and pray.  He said, “I had almost given up hope for America and had resigned inwardly to give my focus to other nations until Dr. Bill Bright called the fast!  Now I am filled with hope.”  Why?  The mightiest weapon in the Christian arsenal is being unleashed: HUMILITY expressed in fasting!  After Dr. Bill Bright’s call, tens of thousands entered into these consecration fasts. I believe God responded and raised up IHOPKC, TheCall and many other prayer movements, as the first stage of what Dr. Bill Bright prophesied would become the greatest spiritual harvest in the history of the Church.  In fact, HRock Church launched a forty day fast and a 24/7 house of prayer in January of 1996 in response to Dr. Bill Bright’s word.  It is interesting to me that TheCall, with a half a million believers of two generations fasting and praying, took place before the end of the year 2000. 

I believe we were in the beginnings of an Elijah season that would prepare the way for a Jesus People Movement.  Elijah fasted forty days and anointed a double portion, signs and wonders son named Elisha.  John the Baptist, in the spirit of Elijah, fasted and prayed and brought forth the double portion Son, Jesus.  Both the Elijah forty day fast movement and the John the Baptist fast movement were preparatory to the seasons of great signs and wonders and spiritual harvest.

The plowman overtakes the reaper.  I believe a remnant of the Church in America has passed through a deep preparation process over the last fourteen years, initiated and fueled by forty days of fasting and I believe there is coming a culmination of that process leading to another forty day Jesus movement fast to breakthrough principalities and powers, ripen the harvest, and thrust forth laborers into the harvest fields.  On August 26th we are calling forty days of an Elijah fast held simultaneously with a forty day Jesus fast, praying that the hearts of the father’s would turn to the children, that the rebellion of fifty years would be broken and that the Jesus people harvest would be reaped in America and the world.


Lord of the Harvest we remind you of what You did in the late 60’s and 70’s.  You awakened a whole generation and saved tens of thousands of young people.  We praise you for the Jesus People Movement, but we believe even now You are acting to bring forth the greatest harvest in history.  Lord of the Harvest, thrust forth laborers into the harvest field.  Release Jesus’ forty day fast into the earth, to inaugurate a new kingdom invasion of signs and wonders, evangelism and glory.  Amen.