10 Days Devo - Day 8: Longing for Transforming Revival in Our Communities

Day 8: Longing forTransforming Revival in Our Communities

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you” James 4:8

What would it take to see a move of God initiated and sustained in a geographic area?  George Otis Jr., in researching many cities and regions of the world that have experienced transforming revival describes it this way:

In short, a transformed community is…

  • A neighborhood, city or nation whose values and institutions have been overrun by the grace and presence of God
  • A place where divine fire has not merely been summoned, it has fallen
  • A society in which natural evolutionary change has been disrupted by invasive supernatural power
  • A culture that has been impacted comprehensively and undeniably by the Kingdom of God
  • A location where Kingdom values are celebrated publicly and passed on to future generations.(1)

Can any of us say that this defines the community in which we live? I believe the process of transforming revival is triggered when our appetite for God’s presence trumps all other hungers.  We must give our attention to constantly hungering after the Presence of a Holy God! God promises to draw near to those who draw near to him (James 4:8). God desires to be with us much more than we desire to be with him.

The urgency of the hour requires an understanding of the gravity of our current condition. May our desperate cry be, “Come Lord Jesus, come and conquer us, come and save us, we are in desperate need of you!”  

Let’s continue to seek him together, until our communities become “Saturated with the Presence of a Holy God”
For the Supremacy of Christ in all things,

Jason Hubbard
Light of the Word Prayer Center, Bellingham WA

1 George Otis Jr,